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I'm going to go further than the related question Should open science questions just be asked on academia.SE?

I can't see any reason why this isn't a subset of Academia.SE, and would draw questions and traffic away from that already-launched site.

The only questions from the definition phase that couldn't be asked on Academia.SE are the many shopping questions (and maybe some are boat-programming questions too). And I rather suspect you wouldn't want those anyway, once it came down to it.

So I propose closing the proposal: if there are any good questions that you feel that would in reality be asked on a beta Open Science that couldn't be asked on Academia.SE, plesae do come over to meta.Academia to discuss whether Academia.SE's scope should be expanded to include them, or not.


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Viewing the top rated questions, and considering Academia is expressly open to questions about research in industry, government, etc. I'm inclined to agree - Open Science is a subset of the type of questions that are already accepted in Academia.SE, and I don't think either community will particularly benefit from splitting them off.


I agree. The questions are interesting but can be asked on academia SE with more chance to get good feedback. I get the feeling this proposal and its following is more about promoting open science than about the Q&A aspect.


A similar question to ask is what value this community adds beyond current forums where open science is discussed. Mozilla Science, for instance, already has a perfectly good forum ( https://forum.mozillascience.org/ ) where individuals can ask open science questions and post events. What would having a StackExchange community for open science do that this does not?

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    "Let's close every single site on SE because it is a duplicate of Wikipedia". Catch my drift?
    – Zizouz212
    Commented Aug 19, 2015 at 21:21

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