I have just followed and committed to the Embedded Systems Programming and Design proposal.

I have read through the FAQ, and it says that a commitment is fulfilled by asking and answering questions. However, I can't find a link to any actual site where I can do so.

Based on reading several other discussions (see referenced questions below), it is my understanding that I can't actually ask or answer any questions until the proposal enters the beta phase, and that all I should be doing during the commit phase is to try to attract other committers.


My question is this: is my understanding of what needs to be done during the commit phase correct?

If it is, then I would suggest we reword the FAQ. It is very confusing to be told to ask/answer questions in the section about the commit phase when I can't actually do that until the Beta phase.

If it is not, then where can I find the link to go fulfil my commitment?

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Through the "Related" questions sidebar, I have found some more questions related to this:

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It seems that yes, my understanding of the commit phase is correct. After the commit phase, where all I can do is try to get other people to commit to the proposal, the site will then enter "private" beta and users can start asking/answering questions.

Until then, all I can do is share the proposal.

Side note: I would still like to see the FAQ reworded to emphasize that the commitment cannot be fulfilled until Beta.

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