I'm seeing questions on Ethereum being asked in the site "Bitcoin - Beta Q&A site for Bitcoin crypto-currency enthusiasts."

It seems sensible to either...

a/ rename the Bitcoin site to something like "Blockchain, cryptocurrency - site for technologies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, altcoins, Ripple, Stellar, etc"


b/ leave Bitcoin as is and create a new inclusive site for the various blockchain/cryptocurrency initiatives.

I've seen Enlarge the scope to "cryptocurrency", not just Bitcoin. which asks a similar question, but that Q is 4 years old. Given the developments of the last 12 months, I feel it's worth re-stating the question with the 2 optional ways forward.

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    Changing the name of Bitcoin.SE is something that should be (and has been [1, 2]) discussed on their meta site. A separate cryptocurrency site has been proposed before, it was closed as a duplicate of Bitcoin.
    – JohnB
    Feb 16, 2015 at 15:58

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Proposal Blockchain Technology with description 'Proposed Q&A site for questions in theoretical and conceptual Blockchain technology outside specific implementations.' is in Commitment with 41% percent completeness today.

It has been proposed 11 months ago and edited 3 months ago.

I think that is quite much your b) solution: separate another forum for other Blockchain solutions than Bitcoin.

Ethereum, Monero and some other more cryptocurrencies have their own proposals and there is also Cryptoeconomics there around.

Exact 'cryptocurrencies' proposal is missing, but the list of individual sites of specific currencies is so vast, that its future will most probably be screwed, if proposed. Game lost.

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