Proposal: Open Source

Let me start off by saying that this proposal is growing incredibly quickly and that at this rate, we'll likely make it into the commitment phase in a few months at most. The amount of followers especially is increasing at a phenomenal rate.

There is one small problem though, in relation to the amount of followers, we're not generating very many example questions. These questions are not only necessary to advance to the next stage (commitment) but more importantly, serve to de- and refine the scope of this proposal.

So my question is, why are most of our followers not posing any example questions? (And how can we encourage them to ask more?)

If the reason is that they do not realize the importance, then I hope this post can serve as a reminder. If the reason is that no-one can think of any questions, we might have a small problem. (though the absolute amount of questions that have been posted in the time this proposal has been up is not unhealthy by any measure)

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One of the problems may be scope definition. There are 6 questions that are closed and/or have a vote total less than 0. Currently there are 6 different questions with 10+ vote scores. To me that says there is room to more clearly define the scope. Maybe be more clear about what "Open Source" means in the context of this site.

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    I see your point, don't forget that some of those questions were asked specifically to find out if the community agrees that that's not within the scope of the site, this is important too. I'm not adverse to improving the description though.
    – overactor
    Feb 10, 2015 at 5:57

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