Proposal: Language Learning

Will this site accept only questions from self-learners, or will it be on-topic to ask e.g. about effective ways of teaching languages?

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I believe this SE is (hopefully) going to be about issues that are in relation to notions that involve more than one language. So, a very significant part of any bilingual or trilingual concept is how to effectively teach it. Imagine this scenario:

You're a user that's familiar to many SE rules. You teach French in a small language institute and then ask:
"How can I teach 'Bunjour' effectively in an English class?"
Would this be ontopic at English.SE? Nah, of course it wouldn't.
Would this be ontopic at French language and usage? I wouldn't think so. It may easily get closed as primarily opinion-based or off-topic.

I believe the room for asking questions regarding multilingual communications is going to be this Q & A. This is my insight to the problem. Other people might have different ideas.

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    It's "Bonjour" by the way. :)
    – Zizouz212
    May 8, 2015 at 15:37

Absolutely, teaching is half of the language learning process, so it will be on topic.

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