Proposal: Music Fans

Even if this site is about "Music", a mandatory element, song will follow in most of the cases.

And then a question comes songs of what languages can be allowed. Since most of us think we can allow lyrics questions, I think this question should also be addressed.

Should we ask questions about English songs only, since the site is in English, or should we allow other languages as well, given they have enough clarification in English?

This questions will not arise if the question is about the music (or tune)

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I think questions regarding lyrics/music of any language/country should be acceptable, as long as the question/answers are basically written in English.

Any lyrics in question could be written in the native language, as it is possible another bilingual person might be able to answer based on them.

Questions regarding music itself (or music history) should be allowed regardless of national origin. Can't think of any reason to restrict it.

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