What to do if someone keeps on adding non-constructive comments to a proposal simply because they don't like / don't approve of it? The comments mostly don't add any value to the discussion. They are personal opinions because that person does not like the proposal. I think this behaviour is mostly childish. Concretely I am talking about my proposal here: https://area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/82156/recreational-drugs

I see that it can be a controversial proposal. But I am also sure it is a completely valid proposal protected by freedom of speech.

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Inappropriate comments can be flagged, there is a flag shaped icon just under the up-vote icon on the top left of every comment.

A moderator will review the flag, if it is not obvious why you are flagging the comment, you can leave a comment for the moderator. The moderator may or may not delete the comment(s) but they will review them.


Theoretically, your possibility to downvote the questions if you think they shouldn't exist on the beta site.

Next to that, there are more serious measures, too, but only if they violated some SE policies.

Actually, so highly opinionated topic are generally discouraged on the whole SE network. It is for the facts, and not for the opinions. The servers of the SE (the company) are in new york, where creating drug advertising sites is highly illegal. If you see throguh the net, you won't find similar topic from people with their own name.

The final level of the decision making of the SE is on the level of the CMs (Community Manager). The CM most active around the area51 is Robert Cartaino. As an SE Employee, he has much more privileges (as a CM, he is essentially a moderator on all of the sites), but has a work contact with the SE, too, and this limits his deeds.

He is a good man. He will probably suspend me, and probably delete your site proposal (but not suspend you). But he could even delete me and let your site proposal live, if he wants. But it has a small chance only.

If I think to my children, I consider this to a good deal.

(P.s. the question still holds: what you did with somebody trying to sell drug to your children?)

(P.s. He seems inactive now, maybe he is on leave. But he will come back, and then...)

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