I occasionally post questions to Stack Exchange sites which get put on hold with reasoning of the form "this question is about X but this site is about Y". Rarely do I get a useful pointer to a site where the question would be on-topic.

Is there, or is there a demand for, a meta-level "question redirection" site where users can take a question (or even just a topic) not to be answered, but to be pointed in the direction of a knowledgeable audience that is interested in answering it?

I'm not talking about flat-out bad questions that wouldn't be on topic anywhere. I'm talking about questions like this one which simply don't fit in any of the existing Stack Exchange sites. A useful response to that one would have been something like "This isn't on-topic anywhere in Stack Exchange but check out this plumbing forum over here".

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I don't know about plumbing forums, but for everything ontopic within the SE network (or even to just get the answer "there's currently no such site on SE), you can use Meta StackExchange, and tag your question with the site-recommendation tag.


There are about 100+? SE sites, you can't expect every volunteer to know where you should be asking your question.

We have a page that lists all SE sites as you go down the list you will find Home improvement, which should be a good place for your question about heating small amounts of water Also if the question is written with a different format it could be posted at Skeptics

In any case there is a general expectation on most SE sites, that you would have tried to find the answer on your own, and include those results in your question.

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