I commited to de German StackExchange site because I study German. The site went to beta and I am trying to participate as required, looking at it daily. However, I noted that I simply do not have enough knowledge to help most of the OPs. Now, I feed a bit guilty to commit to a site which I cannot help a lot and most of my doubts are just too simple to be acceptable for now.

So, do you think it is valid to commit (and take the commitment seriously) to a site which we cannot help a lot?

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Asking questions is just as important as providing answers.

If you are newer to the topic than the other participants, take the opportunity to pick their brains. There are two sides to the content generation coin: new Stack sites can't get traction without a steady supply of questions to answer. Being the person supplying the questions is just as helpful to the site as being the person who answers them.

  • I'm happy to read it :) but I fear I am not even good enough to make good questions for now... I'll try hard to post them anyway.
    – brandizzi
    Jun 9, 2011 at 13:26

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