Proposal: Puzzle and Riddle Challenges

I think it's fairly well accepted that we're encouraging a wide variety of puzzles on this proposal, but how do we quantify an acceptable difficulty of puzzle? This may be related to What quality standards? but consider specifically these two questions:

How can we compute the 6 missing numbers?
100 sequential parking spaces

Both are asking very math-y questions, are either of them puzzles? Furthermore, is a math question dressed up as a puzzle actually a puzzle, or still just a math question? It's worth noting that Math.SE has a clause in its FAQ stating that solving mathematical puzzles is on-topic there.

I'd suggest that we determine puzzle status by the following 2 criteria:

  • is it presented as a puzzle? John has 2 apples and picks 2 more up - how many has he got? satisfies this condition
  • is it trivial? 2+2=? can never be a puzzle because it's too simple
  • I second both criteria. But in general, the 'quality' of the puzzle will come about by the interactive nature of the posted question. If it is just "boring maths" there will be comments accordingly, potentially turning "boring maths" in an "exciting puzzle" by subsequent edits - or not. Then it gets down-voted to hell... (and eventually closed.)
    – BmyGuest
    Commented Dec 3, 2014 at 15:49


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