I've noticed that https://together.jolla.com/ is based on StackExchange websites, but is not in the SE network. It would be great if this site would also be a part of SE or if there would be a Q&A website for Jolla users and also a section for SailfishOS and former MeeGo and Maemo.

  • Seriously? No one???
    – Alko
    Feb 4, 2015 at 14:47

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I agree with this proposal. Sailfish OS is interesting platform and I hope it continues to grow.

The main problem is that Jolla and Sailfish OS has low popularity now.


If you include Maemo and MeeGo, but in particular Maemo, it has a very active (small but very active) community. I recently had to configure a N900 (8 years after it was released) and everything is still in place.

The Maemo community would greatly benefit from a site based on Stack Exchange. What we use now is a (IMO) very messy thread-based question and answers site.

Finding the right answers to the good questions is DIFFICULT!

So please let's start a stackexchange space for the three things Maemo/MeeGo/SailfishOS.

  • the best thing would be if we managed to import threads on wiki.maemo.org in a SE site.
    – mariotomo
    Feb 2, 2018 at 23:59

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