The current Area 51 user profile page looks like this:

Area 51 Profile

Note that the "information" tabs (i.e. info, rep, activity, responses, and followed) are at the top, meaning that it's impossible to see the "important metadata" (i.e. name, "member for", visited, seen, etc.) after switching away from info.

Also, note that the "preferences" tabs (i.e. edit, my logins, stats, flair, prefs, and accounts) are in two separate places: across from the large bold text "Registered User" (why the heck is that even there, anyway?) and at the bottom.

The most important thing to notice is that this is the complete opposite of how it's done on every other network site, including Area 51 Discuss itself.

In fact, let's look at my Area 51 Discuss profile:

Area 51 Discuss Profile

Note that, as it is with every other site on the network, the "preferences" tabs are on the top and the "information" tabs are at the bottom.

Why isn't Area 51 like this? Can it be fixed?

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