Proposal: Home Automation [closed]

Do you want to reanimate Home Automation? It was a wonderful proposal, just some more users and support needed.

Does creating Home Automation again make sense?

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Home Automation is a good topic. It needs to be much more widely covered on the internet, and I can't think of a better network to host a reliable Q&A site about it.

However, HA is not a very widespread topic. Very few people actually have serious HA systems, and that is possibly where this proposal falls down. For example, I don't know anyone who uses the WeMo light switch, or who has actually got their Thermostat controlled by IFTTT. It is a growing phenomena, and will be much more popular not far in the future.

The problem with the HA site was, I believe, that it was ahead of its time. There were simply not enough people who had interest in HA to visit it / ask question / answer questions.

I think that a proposal now would follow a similar fate - there won't be many people outside of the 200 committers who will use it, and the pool of potential questions will quickly be exhausted.

At some point in the future, it will become a much bigger topic everywhere, and then the proposal will be feasible. But not yet. Wait a year?

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    The sad was that only half of the 246 committers took part in private beta. – smartmeta says ReinstateMonica Nov 23 '14 at 16:55
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    @smart Yes, that is another indicator... :/ – Tim Nov 23 '14 at 17:20
  • @smartmeta Yeah, I was one of those who committed but didn't have time for any projects during the period that the private beta was running. Just now finally was going to pick up a project and was looking up the site to find out it hadn't made it :( :( . Sorry O:) . – David Mulder Mar 17 '15 at 23:51

Get it back online again.

Home automation left the field of early adaptors and is getting ready for the broad mass -- both with easy to install systems (consider Home Kit and others) and considering the prize (no expensive professional technology any more).

I specifically observe the products in the Z-Wave area, and you can easily observe a massive and heavily increasing availability of products on the market indicating strong request. Software projects like OpenHAB and FHEM joining different systems have communities growing extremely large. Problems are often the same for different systems/management applications, and there is no joint place for discussion.

2014 was too early for a Home Automation Stack Exchange. We have 2016, and there is a much larger community. Give it another try!

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I obviously don't have a good handle as to how other sites have performed in private beta, and I would assume that the SE staff do have a good idea of what will work out and what won't. I don't think the proposal should be aimed at 'serious HA' systems only though - with Home Kit coming out and there being a lot of other things coming in this space soon I think it has the potential to take off. I'd also be interested in knowing what the ratio of committers to participants is in other betas, just to measure up...

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