Proposal: Gamification

I would be curious to have your opinion on the difference between Gamification and Mechanism Design. My impression is that they are similar in many respect, but I also realize through the proposed questions that there might be significant differences in terms of the scope of the problems to be solved, the design methods, ...

What is your take on this?

I hope answers help further clarifying your proposal. It might also help other people involved in mechanism design to decide whether they might have an interest in this SE.

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From this page: http://www.gametheorystrategies.com/2011/07/06/game-theory-and-gamification/

"Let’s clear this up:

Game theory analyses strategic situations where one person’s strategy is dependent on the strategic choices of others. (Like the Prisoner’s Dilemma)

Gamification is using game play mechanics to get people more involved in an activity, particularly on a website. It uses rewards to encourage particular behaviours. Foursquare is a well known example."

Using this as a basis of the argument, Mechanism design (Reverse Game Theroy) would not be related to Gamification either.

Gamification, simply put, is using rewards, playful leveling structures, and other game play techniques to enhance an individuals engagement and/or involvement within a process. There is little "strategy" to a gamified experience as you complete a task, you earn the reward. complete more tasks, earn more rewards. McDonald's monopoly: buy food = earn chances at prizes. very little logic or strategy in that process.

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