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Ahem... I understand that MathJax is not automatically implemented in all new SE sites, because it burdens the system in various ways. I am currently reading the relevant thread in the History of Science and Mathematics meta. I read that the community members there will have to somehow "prove" that their site needs MathJax in order for questions and answers to be properly written and posted.

I hope that SE won't take same approach for the private Beta of the Economics site, and that it will enable MathJax from the very start: I truly believe that we are going to lose a large portion of the committed users (probably myself included), if they find out that they will have to write Economics questions and answers without the use, or clear rendering of, the symbolic language of mathematics.

UPDATE 1: I just found out that the same issue has been raised two weeks before, here, LaTeX support for economics Stack Exchange and that the post was closed as "off-topic" with the comment

Administrative issues such as this are more suited to the people actually building the site once it is launched

No, they are not. Of course they are "more suited to the people actually building the site" but not "once it is launched". I have launched too many projects in my 25-year professional career to know that issues that can be foreseen are better dealt before they become a problem. And the lack of MathJax functionality from the Economics SE site will be a big problem from second 1 of the private Beta.

Where is the problem to forward this issue to the "people actually building the site" now?


The subject matter "Economics" (and theoretical so), already lives in math.SE as a tag.
The following url
gives the list of questions in math.SE that have this tag. Anyone that will browse this list, questions and answers, should be convinced that MathJax is vital here.

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    Yes! I am responsible for the original (now closed question) that you linked, and this was exactly my thinking at the time. Given that the Game Theory SE survived 9 days(!!) in beta before being closed, it is clear that if EconSE is to succeed we need to hit the ground running. That is never going to happen if our experts are unable to post questions and answers in the appropriate form.
    – Ubiquitous
    Nov 14, 2014 at 9:11

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Fully agree. See for instance this question: https://mathoverflow.net/questions/182923/consistent-price-index/184376#184376 which is about economics. How much sense would it make without MathJax?

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    "How much sense" I could not say. "How much non-sense" - a lot! Nov 14, 2014 at 12:36

I don't think the speed concern of MathJax is an overwhelming one.

We will be in beta for several years if other betas are anything to go by; and by the time the traffic is even a fraction of the primary Stack Overflow site I believe the performance of MathJax library will have been improved as MathJax is an active project with rendering speed as roadmap goal.

If the previous economics.se beta didn't have enough experts, then providing the right markup options for expert use is essential.

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