I've just registered here and committed to a site in commitment. I was looking through the list of other committed users, which is by default ranked by "total reputation".

According to this answer, that's "the sum of reputation in all the sites where the user has an account (and the reputation is at least 200)"; my count should be ~45k. However, it looks like 2 of my top 3 accounts have been left out, leaving me with ~9k. Strangely, when I click through to my Area 51 profile, those sites are listed.

Of course, being a humble non-authoritarian type I shouldn't really care although I notice some of the factors influencing the commitment stage might include the reputation of committed/active users, so I would like all my points to count in this regard!

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I joined area51 recently. This happened to me too. I just waited, and eventually after 2-4 days all my rep/sites showed up. So don't worry, it will happen eventually. I think it just takes longer b.c area51 is the most least up to date software wise site in the Stack Exchange network.

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