I love the idea of a literature SE site. As an English teacher and a novice literary critic, I think it would make for a wonderful place to discuss ideas related to literature. Philosophy has one, math has one, but what about a forum for serious literature students? (Or even avid readers?)

Anyway, why not take it one step further and allow for comments based on particular passages of a text? Annotations for lines or words, even. Those annotations could then be voted up or down, and spark a healthy exchange.

I'm working on an open-source project that tries to do this sort of thing, called HyperLit. I would love if there were a way to incorporate some of this project's plans for annotation with the wonders of SE.

Proposal: Literature

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It's an interesting concept, but not for a Stack Exchange 2.0 Q&A site.

Discussion questions—on any topic—are actively discouraged on SE sites. The software behind the sites has been designed to make Q&A easy and straightforward.

Other types of interaction? Not so much.


Well, it will definitely be out of the concept of the se, however there is nothing preventing one from sharing annotations, as long as they are inside well defined questions/answers.

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