I've clicked on the "Commit" button, can I start asking my CiviCRM questions now?

Proposal: CiviCRM

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Thanks for joining us! CiviCRM is a huge, active community and I know you're all eager to get started asking and answering questions.

This site is still in the "commitment" phase and, as such, is not yet open for "real" questions and answers, but we expect to reach the next stage within a few weeks, at which time you'll be able to ask away.

Not to worry, you can still ask a question (and get an answer) today, by asking it on a related site: Drupal Answers or Wordpress Development (depending on which type of website you have).


For a general CiviCRM question, I'd also encourage people to consider using https://stackoverflow.com/. Don't forget to link your accounts between those stackexchange sites and this one in order to help get our CiviCRM StackExchange site into beta.

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