In order to enter the commitment stage, a site also needs 40 questions with 10 upvotes each. This means that an absolute minimum of 80 users are needed to advance a site, even assuming there are no downvotes, extra votes, or votes to other questions, and assuming each user votes 5 times. In practice, a site will usually need much more than 80 users.

However, only 60 followers are required. It seems nearly impossible to have 40 eligible questions without 60 followers, so why is there the follower requirement?

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Folks who propose example questions don't necessarily need to "follow" a proposal… so it's actually measuring a different axis of involvement. But in reality, the followers requirement is actually a vestigial artifact of an older system where the question-requirements were lower than they are today.

I worked up some interface recommendations that included dropping the requirement completely, but for the time being, just consider it a freebee. It doesn't harm anything, and following a proposal still provides a type of bookmarking for folks who want to track which proposals they are interested in.

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