The success of this proposal depends on the participation of people who are active* on other StackExchange sites. If you have another account at e.g. StackOverflow, here's how to link the two:

  • Click your user icon at the top (black bar) of the screen.
  • Click "Network Profile" and "Accounts" - if you already see other accounts listed, you're all done!
  • If they didn't show up or you got a "page not found" on the "Network Profile", click on "my logins" and add any other email address you use to log into other SE sites.
  • You'll get bonus reputation for doing so and our proposal will get closer to beta.

* Active is defined by SE as having a reputation of at least 200 on a single site

Proposal: CiviCRM

  • When I click on Network Profile I have to then go to Accounts in order to see the other sites that I am linked to. In my area 51 account I have a rep of 51 (1 for joining and 50 for confirming my email). In my others I have 33 and 1 respectively. Should these be combined some how to give me 85? I don't see that figure anywhere. Do I need 200 on one of those sites to make a real difference to this proposal or do I need a combined total of 200?
    – zeiddev
    Nov 6, 2014 at 9:22
  • 1
    @zeiddev - I've updated the above to clarify. In order to "count" for our total score and help progress this proposal, you must have 200+ rep on a single site outside area51. That's actually not as daunting as it sounds, it took me about a day to build up that rep on drupal.stackexchange.com just by going through the unanswered questions list and answering the ones I could. Thanks for being part of this and wanting to help out!
    – Coleman
    Nov 6, 2014 at 14:56
  • @zeiddev I see you've been building up your rep on StackOverflow - that's great! Keep up the good work and you'll be at 200 rep in no time :)
    – Coleman
    Nov 10, 2014 at 23:42

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This proposal has an unusually high number of people who only participate on Area 51 (almost two hundred). Some of those people may want to look around and see if there are other Stack Exchange sites that interest them. Note that the network also includes some sites that deal with hobbies: games, movies, pets, etc. Or with basic life: home improvement, parenting, personal finance, etc.

  • 200 = 40 upvotes on questions (5 each)
  • 200 = 20 upvotes on answers (10 each)
  • 200 = 100 approved edits (2 each)

Or any mixture of the above. It's possible to get 200 points in a single day (and that's actually the daily limit).

If this proposal were doing better with people with more Stack Exchange experience, it could be in private beta now. There's certainly plenty of committers and likely to be a good number of questions as a result. If there are enough CiviCRM experts to give good answers, this site may be ready. You can help prove that it is by actively participating on the network.

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