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I just noticed there are no questions about adaptive solutions in the example questions. There have been a couple of previous failed attempts to create a site specific to addressing concerns of medical/health complications. Looking at the description here, adaptive solutions are neither clearly in or out of scope, and there are no example questions posted to the scope.

The closest thing I find is What would be included in a Diabetes site which isn't covered in Proposal: Health? which did not have a clear consensus.

Because this is likely to come up during the beta launch, I suggest disusing in now, there will be enough other stuff going on at launch.

There are a whole range of questions that are covered under the umbrella of physical & occupational therapy, A couple of easy examples:

  • How to prevent sores from forming at prosthesis & stump?
  • Solutions for a blind person to manage their insulin?
  • Yes these questions should all be on topic in my opinion, as it would be expected that many of the experts in health and medicine attracted to this site would be qualified to provide answers to such questions.
    – Kenshin
    Oct 25, 2014 at 14:12

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The proposal is described as, a "proposed Q&A site for physicians, doctors, medical specialists, dietitians and anyone with health-related questions".

It is based on this description that I and many others followed this proposal and committed to it.

Therefore it is a no brainer that of course the questions are you have suggested will be on-topic as they are clearly health related questions. The reason for a broad health proposal is because we decided that it would be more effective than many different specific health related proposals and many have followed this proposal under the assumption it is an all encompassing health proposal.

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    +1, I would find it offensive if adaptive solutions were out-of-scope. Oct 26, 2014 at 18:25

I would think that even far-reaching topics could be useful, if there's a clear connection to that situation affecting something located on or near a human body and where there is a clear notion that something has been altered or would be.

Example, to further the Braille suggestion, anyone who is deaf considering cochlear implants. The ear is an obvious organ with an obvious function in most people. Discussion in the Deaf community about what makes you 'deaf' aside -- the physical states and symptoms involved in cochlear implantation, as well as the general recovering-from-surgery aspect...well, it just boils down to an alteration of some kind to the human body and what consequences there could be as a result.

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