Proposal: Software Usage

Don't think this has been suggested before but:

There should be a StackExchange site dedicated to the help of usage of software. Of course, there would be questions that fit onto some sites (while others not-so).

This would mean that it would be easier for people to ask questions regarding software in one place.

Take for example, the question:

How do I save a file in Brackets?

would be frowned upon in SuperUser and StackOverflow, even though it is about a piece of software that works with web source code. But a question like:

Can I make Brackets treat another file extension as one it is already programmed to recognize? (ie. Treat a .xyz file like a .html file)

would be accepted fine on StackOverflow and maybe SuperUser.

A question, that I've had recently, but not know where to post:

How do I import DoTA 2 assets and run the DoTA 2 map in Source Filmmaker?

It is not about video editing (So video.stackexchange.com isn't an option) and SuperUser/StackOverflow does not allow it/have a tag for it.

A question like:

How do I convert a .obj into a .mdl using Blender?

Would be allowed on the blender.stackexchange.com only because it's asking about the usage of Blender to create new assets for Source Filmmaker.

Or more non-specialized but more commonly-used questions like (for example, using Excel):

How do I merge two cells together?

instead of programming-based questions such as:

How do I create a macro that automatically formats my spreadsheet to look like *this*?
<Insert the "this"; what the spreadsheet should look like>
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    I am thinking this one might be tough. All the software that programmers, artists tends to be on topic in various stack sites. But that does not mean that all software gets justice. I am thinking about more consumer, small business things like word processors, spread sheets, accounting might find a home site.
    – Jon
    Oct 8, 2014 at 11:13

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The example Excel question you asked is clearly on-topic at Super User.

Some of your other examples, with very minor wording changes (if any) are also already on-topic at an existing site.

And just because there is not yet a tag for something on a site does not mean there cannot be one: just ask the question and make the new tag. If your rep is too low, you can leave a comment either in the question itself or as a comment asking someone else to tag t appropriately for you.

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