I received an email asking me to commit to one of the proposals here on Area 51. But isn't my email address supposed to be private? How did they find out what it was?

And no, it's not from someone I know.


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Admins and staff can access some of your details. But they are bound to use it according to strict guidelines only as needed in performance of their duties.

You should contact SE confidentially here

Include sufficient detail (who the email was from) so they can research. It may be that your email was accessed through a different means, from a non-SE source. But if you think it came from here, SE contact is the place to start.

  • This is the right answer, probably, but I seem to have mislaid the email when I was cleaning up my inboxes, so I can't forward it to the SE admins any more. Oh well. Commented Oct 5, 2014 at 18:31

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