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We've already had a similar discussion before, right before Fitness went into beta. I personally even moved over from Running to Fitness, because I was expecting them to be merged. Now Fitness is almost 3 months in and I was surprised that none of the top users from Running even have an account on Fitness. Given 81 users are committed, if any of them is also active on Fitness it would have to be less than 18% of them (which is the lowest percentage on the list). Which means at most 15 users could possible be active right now.

I find this particularly strange, because is the largest tag on Fitness. So either non of these questions are interesting for the users of Running or none of them have noticed these questions or the site. Personally I blame it on our questions rarely reaching the front page of StackExchange.com 'hottest' questions, which seems skewed towards sites with catchy titles or a larger user base. But obviously I might also be wrong in my judgement and wrongly thinking these users would want to participate on Fitness.

So now I'm wondering which of these is it? Is it just a lack of visibility or have the questions currently on Fitness failed to attract the interest of the users committed to Running?

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    @Dori Because I can leave an answer on an old discussion, but that would mean everybody who has already participated on it will ignore the "me too" response at the bottom. I actually even asked both Rebecca and Robert what to do. But don't you agree its actually problematic that Area51/beta sites have such a hard time attracting attention from users that are supposedly interested in the topic. Unless you're telling me 'our' [running] questions aren't what they want.
    – Ivo Flipse
    May 26, 2011 at 7:16
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    @Ivo - Area51 sites in commitment phase have trouble attracting attention. There's nothing to do! Beta sites get plenty of attention. May 26, 2011 at 18:57

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Yes, I am, and I would support a merge action: "You've committed to Running, we're launching as Exercise and Fitness: [tag:running]

However, it's been a while since I actually visited this proposal's page. There's nothing to do after committing (which is one of my pet peeves about Area51), so I just watched it sit in my profile at 60-80 users for the past several months. I had no idea that there had been any discussion about merging/switching to Fitness and Nutrition.

If a merge action would send a notification and/or email to all the members of this proposal, I would recommend that it be done immediately!

You should probably tag this discussion with the tag (see this bit of policy on MSO).

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