Proposal: Lifehacks

The Lifehacks proposal's description currently reads:

Proposed Q&A site for everybody who urgently needs to bypass everyday's life problem with some simple tricks! :)

At the very least, this should be updated to use proper grammar and remove the smiley face. I.E.

Proposed Q&A site for everyone who wants to bypass life's everyday problems with some simple tricks.

We could also expand it to include a little more description. As an example:

Proposed Q&A site for tricks, hints, shortcuts, or skills to increase productivity and efficiency in everyday life.

If you agree that we should change the description but have a better one, please post it as an answer. We will let votes determine which description is best.

Update: I hit 1,000 reputation and edited the description to use proper grammar. I'm still curious if there is support to expand the description?

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Personally, I like the shorter description (i.e. the second option), which seems to be the one currently in use. Good work!


The second description works well, I agree; I just think a bit more detail could work in its favor to exclude superfluous language that would cloud the lifehack, itself, with the supposed explanation.

Perhaps adding the noun 'shortcuts' from the third example, making it an addendum to the second, more succinct summary?

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