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I ask this question as a discussion question rather than just posting an example question because I think the subject may require a fuller examination then can occur in the comments of an example question.

The Health proposal is doing fine, and would seem to be likely to move on the the commitment phase. There is also a Sex and Intimacy proposal which is not doing bad but is not looking as strong to make it to the commitment phase. A few years ago a similar proposal on sexuality made it 13 days into beta before getting shut down. There is a meta discussion here that highlights some of the considerations about discussing sex on SE.

Many (all?) of the top voted questions on the current 'Sex and Intimacy' could potentially fit well into the scope of a site about health that includes medical professionals in their group of experts.

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Sex is a physical thing that very much relates to health so I would say many questions would be on-topic at Health.

In this instance the obvious site tag would be sexual-health.

For some questions the line between 'sexual performance' and 'sexual health' may be less black and white - but anything that a uroligist, andrologist or gynaecologist would be asked and typically expect to answer at his or her practice, would clearly be relevant at Health SE - and that covers a lot.

In addition to many questions proposed at Sex and Intimacy (which may be as well, or better asked here, where health-focused questions are better answerd by health experts instead of 'consenting adults who engage, or want to, in intimate and/or sexual activity'), one example would be the issue of phimosis for men. It's a health issue which affects the ability to have (or the performance of, but in many cases the sheer ability to have) sex, and indeed reproduce, which is a health issue.

So there's a whole range of sex questions to be asked and one tag for them would clearly be sexual-health.

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