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There are many songs in which some nice, funny, touching, etc lyrics is used. Are question about them is allowed?


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I think they should be allowed. Looking at the other proposals, I see one for Song Meanings. There are active discussions that show how no one is an "expert" on song meanings, as many have open interpretations...

But for as tight as that niche is, putting it under this category will allow for more variation of questions. What I mean is... lyrics questions may include meanings, but I feel like most will be "what's that song," is this a cover song, or the inspiration behind the lyrics.

  • Music is an art and art is always open to interpretation...
    – EdmDroid
    Commented Feb 7, 2015 at 14:23
  • I agree with the answer, but citing references to back up interpretation is always a big help to creating a useful answer.
    – wrede66
    Commented Feb 18, 2015 at 17:05

Yes, they are allowed.


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They should be allowed, as they are a key part of what music is about. Good questions should include an approriate amount of detail and research, not just something like "What do the lyrics of "Yesterday" mean?"

Having said that, I would consider excluding the following:

1) Questions asking for interpretation of lyrics, unless backed up by factual information, such as what the artist said or wrote about their meaning or background. Otherwise this becomes primarily opinion based and generally not suitable for SE Q&A format.

2) The meaning of lyric words or phrases should be OK, as long as they are not specifically language usage questions. These are better suited for language SE communities.

3) Transcription questions, such as: "What are the lyrics at 2:15 of song "XYZ"?". This is about listening comprehension, unless buried by the music. Also I think a majority of lyrics can be found online these days.

4) As mentioned in another question, "Name that tune" type questions, such as "I heard (some lyrics), what song are they from?"


People generally look for interpretation of lyrics on the internet and it would be great if they could get their answers on StackExchange itself. I completely support it

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