On Area 51 I can find Professional, Science, Art categories but nothing about Education. Am I wrong? Or all education stuff must be into the Science slot?

For example a problem solving site based on MATLAB, GNU Octave, R, numpy or the like, where it would be? I am not talking about exactly programming issues, I am thinking about thought processes around a particular problem and how to put them down-to-earth through a numerical computing tool (MATLAB, GNU Octave, R, numpy, even Excel, Calc, or Numbers). The Mathematics community is a good example of such a QA site, but I think not many people ask there about computational problem solving. Well, anyway it could happen I am just wrong.

There is no way for example to add a simple tag "education" (neither "teaching") to be associated to this tag.

Can anyone give me some thoughts or indications that could be useful? Sure, I would be happy with (even if they are unpleasant haha).

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You're probably best off with Science or Professional, depending on which you feel makes more sense. Site taxonomy will eventually be improved... but that may be an extremely long "eventually".

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