Frequently, on Area 51, as I see example question reach 10 upvotes, I move my vote to one of the more "underappreciated" questions - my rationale is that while one new user can bring 5 questions from 9 to 10, it takes ten users to bring a new question from 0 to 10, so the vote serves better elsewhere.

Still, I wonder what impact my action has on author of the question: do they lose the 5 points and the "Good Question" badge? And if the badge stays, what happens if the question reaches 10 again?

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Reputation in Area 51 reflects the activity on your content, so if someone removes a vote, it would be deducted from your reputation score (In Area 51, sometimes that still requires a manual recalc).

But unless something has changed, once a badge has been awarded, it is not generally taken away even if the conditions of that badge no longer apply. If that user were to earn another instance of that badge (whether for the same question or a different question), they would not get another badge added to their total. They system knows that you have a surplus and will not award new badges until you are caught up.

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