Proposal: Arabic Language

هذا الموقع ستجمع -بمشيئة الله- صنفان رئيسان من الناس، هما:

  1. العلماء
  2. الطلاب

والطلاب صنفان:

  1. صنف تتكلم العربية أصلا
  2. صنف لا تتكلم العربية أصلا

وكل صنف على مستويات متفرقة، فمثلا سؤال من عالم لن تكون على نفس المستوى من سؤال طالب جامعي، وسؤال طالب في الصف اﻷول الثانوي لن تكون على نفس المستوى من سؤال طالب في الصف الأول الإعدادي، وأسئلة الطلاب الذين يتعلمون اللغة العربية كلغة جديدة أو لديهم رغبة في ذلك، فأسئلتهم على مستوى آخر مختلف تماما عن المستويات المذكورة آنفا. فكيف نوازن بين كل هذه المستويات في موقع واحد موازنة تحفظ الموقع من الفوضى؟

خلوني أسئل هذه السؤال بطريقة أخرى، هل الجمع والموازنة بين كل هذه المستويات في موقع واحد ممكنة؟

This site is going to hold two main groups:

  1. Scholars

  2. Students/Learners

And Students/learners are two main types

  1. Those who know Arabic, are native

  2. Those who don't know arabic, are not native

and each groups are on many different levels, so how can we balance between all the levels so to keep the site from going into a mess?

Allow me to put the question another way: Is balancing between all the levels on one site even possible?

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    يبدو لي بعض الأخطاء النحوية في السؤال المطروح. مثل هذه الأخطاء تستدعي التعديل على المنشور. لكن هذا الخيار غير مفعل الآن لسبب مجهول. بكل الأحوال سأكون نشطاً في موضوع النحو وقواعد الإعراب بمشيئة الله. شكرا لتفهمك
    – F. Julian
    Commented Oct 7, 2014 at 15:58

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I personally agree with your analysis over here: https://area51.meta.stackexchange.com/a/17760/112766

I suggest we analyze the questions we get then,

As we all know, not every question in Arabic can have a English question side-by-side. Arabic can express more per word and combination/type of radicals/declension than English, especially question such as that of emphasis and what not.

I mean 90% of my questions will be in English but there are some that I must ask in Arabic and I would class myself as a student. So we cannot split the site down lines of experience/native or non-native since the two will mix quite a bit as well.

I personally don't think we should draw a line in the sand right now, but instead just analyise per question basis what should be done.

It might come to the point where we have a set of people who actually translate. Personally I like the idea of that since it would give me the experience I need, that's what I am mostly missing now, but I can see how it will get messy quickly and some people would be against it.

We have got to accept this is a significant problem, there is not enough of us to make two sites like the English language.

But I don't think we can just draw a line in the sand and call it a day, we need a dedicated team of moderators who are prepared to expend time to actually moderate this. I think that team will decide whether this site floats with both groups or not.

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    As a footnote translating could become hairy, for example the language used here "صنف " is to classify but the English used is to use the noun "Those" so we probably need to think about this more, I will go off and consider some stuff
    – Sammaye
    Commented Sep 6, 2014 at 23:52

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