Proposal: Pakistan

I am thinking about a site where people can ask matters related to Pakistan.

My nationality is Pakistani and I want to propose Pakistan.

I want people can discuss and ask questions related to a matter in Pakistan. Either they are Pakistani or out side of country and want to come Pakistan so they can discuss about culture and issue and something like this about this country before coming. It is little like Travel site.

I am talking about the following matters in Pakistan

  • Daily Life - living style is different in every country so here in Pakistan too
  • Health - know about hospital in specific city and way to treat etc...
  • City Matters - specific city "how to solve, whom to talk etc..."
  • Places - talking about specific places in specif city
  • Education - matters of schools, collages, universities centers etc...
  • Law - matters and questions related to law
  • Jobs/Career - asking about career opportunities and more related to it

It can be more then this but currently I could think of these matters only. People of Pakistan needs knowledge and information about everything and if someone and trying to get information, he fails because nobody is around him. I want if anyone want to share, discuss, ask about something in Pakistan, he should come here and ask from popular users of Pakistan who can give them answers.

I will also try my best to involve Media, Police, Health pros, Law pros etc.. to make this community All in One

questions regarding this proposal, please ask

  • Help site by discussing and add questions to proposals.
    – Murtaza
    Aug 15, 2014 at 13:59


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