Proposal: Computer Graphics

After it was announced that the first Computer Graphics private beta was closing, the community decided to make a new proposal. Prior to the site's closure, there was a conversation on meta about whether this new proposal needed to avoid asking questions which overlapped with GameDev SE in order to differentiate itself.

The Community Team weighed in with advice. I've reposted it below because it may help guide current discussions.

These are the final hours of this site, and your new CG proposal is underway.

Here's my advice on whether to welcome or flee from questions on the new proposal which might overlap with game development.

Don't worry too much about it.

To illustrate my point, please read Unix and Ubuntu: Why Both? It's an old post, but still highly relevant.

This site is not being closed just because some of the content may have a home on GameDev SE. The site is being closed because there was too little activity during private beta for us to trust that the site could stand on its own. This is about quantity. Migrating some of these questions to GameDev is just a way to help ensure your efforts aren't lost, but its not the cause of the closure.

So, as you're going into your next Area51 proposal, I encourage you not to try too hard to eliminate questions which might also be useful to game developers. Instead, I encourage you to adopt the same high standards for questions and answers that we've seen during this private beta, and focus on coming out in force.

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    Thanks for this post, that's exactly what I would have thought, too. I already feared that the prevalent Gamedev overlap fear could get overhand and result in a forced adaptation of the question spectrum. But with your provided SE response that hopefully won't be the case. Aug 4, 2014 at 10:53


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