I am looking for as stackexchange site for teachers.

I discovered you have a “Mathematics Educators” site in beta, but no general Educators site. I note that “Mathematics Educators” is a bit slow to take-off in some areas. Are there any plans to make a more general “Educators” site?

I feel that mathematics should be a tag in educators, there would be so much overlap: Over categorisation would be a bad thing.

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Are there plans? No, that's not really how Area 51 works. New sites are created by being proposed and demonstrating that they have a large enough community to get a shot at beta. The various teaching proposals haven't made it that far, which is why there has not been a beta site made for any of them. Mathematics Educators was able to make it through the process, in part because there are several other Mathematics communities already on the network which made attracting users easier.

However, there have been proposals for more general sites. Currently, there's a general Education proposal which would likely cover your needs if it succeeds. You can help it along in the process by following it, upvoting proposed questions which you think are good examples for things the site should cover, adding your own example questions, and forwarding it to other people you know who may be interested.

As for what this would mean for the Mathematics Educators site, presumably nothing. There's already a community there and it would be unfair to them to force them to move. In similar cases in the past when a more general site was created after a specialized site (e.g. Theoretical Computer Science and Computer Science), the two sites have just coexisted with overlapping scopes.

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