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Moving forward, the beta step seems to be a challenge because Mythology currently has only 60 committed members. However many more actually joined the proposal. How can we get people and raise awareness to have them commit as well so that the page can easily pass this roadblock?

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It's not surprising. You can follow proposals at will, but you're limited to 3 commits only. You can't reuse the commit for a half year, if you haven't posted 10 questions or answers to the beta proposal, and sometimes you find out you can't participate so much (because of not enough expertise or current issues). For example, I don't have a spare commit in that moment.

There are also many people, who follow on invitation, but aren't participating in SE network. Those follows are usually lost.

It's quite normal you won't get all followers to commit to proposal.


I'd encourage the current members to invite other people interested in mythology who aren't necessarily stackexchange members to sign up. It looks like the group is falling short on total members (38%) but the reputation and activity metrics are at 50% and 55% currently. If we bring in more members, some of them may join other groups and help with the reputation and activity levels as well.

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    Have any suggestions as to how we can accomplish this. Oct 28, 2014 at 12:31

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