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Proposal : Web Designing

I think many of the users are confused with the scope of Web Designing which says

Proposed Q&A site for professional web designers and all web developers searching for new web site design standards, tools, tips and tricks

  1. Discussing for Tools : We have Softwarerecs.SE
  2. Tips & Tricks : I feel this is kiddish. If we further break this down, "Tips" will be opinion based and tricks, well.. I can't describe this.
  3. New Website Design Standards : Well, we can obviously discuss over latest design standards, like not to use old doctypes, etc. but again, this will be a discussion and not answering

So is that all we are going to do here? We need to decide a precise scope before this site moves to beta or start expecting questions like

  1. I want to convert this theme, please help me
  2. [User shares a pic] and he asks, please give me some tips to enhance the UI

So I would like to clear the scope by asking few questions here, which can be answered with simple yes or no, with a valid reason :

So is _ _ _ _ _ on topic?

  1. Asking for jQuery Plugin, Dev Tools, Software etc
  2. Asking for tips (if yes than what kind)
  3. Are we going to accept Q/A with codes like HTML/CSS/JS/jQuery/CSS Frameworks [This is important]
  4. Asking for UI, we have a site for that too
  5. Web Developer related questions, like why prefer CDN compared to hosting files on our own server (Am asking this because I saw few questions in the definition mode)

I hope user answers and clears up the scope for the website so thats its easy for other users to understand the site better...

  • Unfortunately, the ideal time to solidify the intended scope is the definition phase. A lot of crummy questions that aren't a good fit for a Stack Exchange Q&A site were upvoted when they should have been closed. Based on the definition questions, I wouldn't be surprised if this proposal gets closed as a duplicate of existing sites once it gets reviewed at the 45% point.
    – JohnB
    Commented Jul 14, 2014 at 18:31

1 Answer 1

  1. So long as these recommendation requests are relevant to the design of the site or page, they should be allowed. If the question is simply asking "which one is better" or "I need a plug-in to make a graph", then it should be marked as Too Broad, or belonging on the Software Recommendations.SE site.

  2. Tips or help, I think, can be accepted, again so long as they are specific. Asking "how can I become a better web designer" or "how do I do SEO" are, of course, Too Broad. Remember, however, that "web design" does include Search Engine Optimization, User Experience, content blocking, color palettes, user accessibility, typography, graphic design, and more. It's not just about how the page (or even the entire site) is laid out/structured.

    I think good examples here would be similar to various articles from Smashing Magazine or CSS-Tricks, among other. Yes, we do have a lot of extant SE sites that overlap; Stack Overflow, Programmers, User Experience, WordPress, Graphic Design, Drupal, SharePoint, etc. However, these all focus on one aspect, and one aspect of the front-end alone, except maybe Stack Overflow, which is a catch-all. Instead, this site should become the catch-all, so that people interested in these types of questions or best practices discussions can come here, away from all of those specialty sites. In fact, I personally think some of those sites should be folded into this one (though that's probably an unpopular opinion).

  3. In my opinion, the site would be best served to not advertise support for programming-specific questions (please don't argue about whether things like HTML or CSS are programming languages); such a site already exists in Stack Overflow, and it would be a nightmare to try and reconcile the ~2 million questions related to front-end (src=HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and related sub-tags) web development alone.

    With that being said, of course code should be allowed in questions; just as in SO, examples and questions are made clear with code. Web Design.SE would be the perfect place to ask about the merits of a three-column layout vs. a grid layout vs. a flex layout, etc. One might ask the question:

    Which is better? position: fixed; or position: absolute; in this context?

    Or maybe:

    Should I use a grid layout or a table layout or a flexbox for the following design?

    While the code in these examples is minimal, I think it shows how design goes hand-in-hand with development (after all, how often have we read and parroted how "designers should learn to code" and vice versa). While these questions might not necessarily always include code, their answers might. A good quality answer to the latter question would definitely include some code examples to illustrate the differences in code brevity, flexibility, or maintainability.

  4. As in response to #1 and #2, if they are specific enough to Web Design, let them stay here. User Interfaces are part of design, and we don't have an SE site for that yet (UX is not the same as UI).

  5. Of course this is on-topic. It relates to the design of the website (infrastructure is design); will you be importing resources as needed for your work, or storing them all locally? That is part of your brick-and-mortar site design in real life, and it is part of your web site design as well. To me, this would be the architecture site to work hand-in-hand with the specialty sites and the engineering site that is Stack Overflow. Another way to put it: a place for web designers to ask questions of web developers, and a place for web developers to ask questions of web designers.

  • UI is pretty vague, but in regards to "User Interfaces are part of design, and we don't have an SE site for that yet": Both website-design and ui/gui-design are on topic at Graphic Design.
    – JohnB
    Commented Jul 14, 2014 at 18:36
  • 1
    @JohnB Thanks, I meant specifically for those topics, not just as an umbrella/catch-all :-)
    – TylerH
    Commented Jul 14, 2014 at 19:00
  • Software Recommendations.SE is in beta stage. So, I think we should think something better.
    – Mr_Green
    Commented Jul 30, 2014 at 13:22

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