Proposal: Worldbuilding

Say I've recently finished my worldbuilding for Codename: Foobar. Would the following types of questions be considered on topic? I would not consider them so but nobody else has asked the question and I think it needs to be codified.

How do I stat Codename: Foobar as campaign setting for my D&D game?

Which engine should I use to turn Codename: Foobar into a video game?

How can I work this Codename: Foobar world detail into my plot?

Basically, should the Worldbuilding.SE be only about the worldbuilding abstract, or should application questions be allowed?

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Yeah, I think I agree with you. These questions don't seem like a good fit for a worldbuilding site to me.

I'd say this site needs to be about the worldbuilding process itself, not about doing something with a constructed world or universe afterwards.

Interestingly, the examples you've provided would all have homes (I think) elsewhere on the Stack Exchange network. The D&D question would probably be at home on rpg.stackexchange.com, the video game one would probably be at home on gamedev.stackexchange.com, and plot issues would (probably?) be allowed on writers.stackexchange.com.

Additionally, I wouldn't be opposed to this kind of stuff coming up in chat.

But I don't think these types of questions are truly about worldbuilding anymore. It's about an application of your world. (In a similar manner, questions about using specific non-programming applications aren't allowed on Stack Overflow. Just questions about making software.)

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    Plot is generally not acceptable on writers unless its a how to execute kind of question. That question would probably work...but on the main topic I think I agree. We are focused primarily on the action of building, not necessarily putting it into use. Though I could see a reverse scenario working. I plan to have x as a plot point...say a major meteor strike that sends the world back into the dark ages. Then say what kind of size would it have to be to do x or on an earth sized world how would it affect the far side of the planet?
    – James
    Jul 10, 2014 at 17:54
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    @James, good points. I agree the reverse scenario ought to be on topic. It's OK if they paint a bit of background as to why it's being used, but the focus of questions here needs to be about worldbuilding, not what to do with a constructed world after they've built it.
    – rbwhitaker
    Jul 10, 2014 at 19:00

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