Previously, I thought that Area 51 Discussion Zone used the graduated site rep levels. However, I saw this MSE post, which linked to this answer. Curiously, it appeared with "delete (2)" under it, and upon clicking this, it allowed me to cast a delete vote the same as if I had the delete answers privilege, which immediately deleted the post. I'm also seeing the "delete" link on other posts which are downvoted, both (closed) questions and answers. Normally, these would be reserved for (respectively) 10k and 20k users.

However, I can not see any of the deleted posts, which suggests that I don't have the Moderator Tools privilege. Normally (as far as I understand), casting delete votes always means you can see deleted posts, but here that seems to not be the case. This means that while I can cast delete votes on both questions and answers, I can not cast undelete votes on either.

As this doesn't seem to be documented anywhere, I'm asking this. What are the reputation requirements for privileges on Area 51 Discussion Zone? Also, is it intended that I can currently cast delete votes but not view deleted content?

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  • For what it's worth, my personal preferences would be for something like the levels on public beta sites, considering that there are very few active users here with over 10k rep and none with 20k rep. But it doesn't really matter either way so long as I know what the levels are and what I'm supposed to be able to do. – Logan M Jun 23 '14 at 22:22

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