Proposal: Woodworking

I think the woodworking site is going to need more momentum in order to get off the ground and I'd like to start an effort to better promote it. What are some ways we can promote the site?

  • I think this website is awesome, and I would like you to know I am with this proposal to the glorious end when it becomes the most popular stack exchange website. :) I will definitely help promote this.
    – Jeremy H
    Jul 31, 2014 at 20:37

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I can think of a few easy ways to promote it:

1. Participate

Remember, we each get five questions and five up-votes. There are plenty of good questions to vote on so make sure you use them all.

2. Tell your friends

Sharing the site via twitter, facebook, etc. is easy enough. Publicize your woodworking hobby by making a short post about the proposal. We can post again when we reach the commitment phase.

3. Tell your local woodshop

If you're a member of a woodshop, they may have a place to post notices. I've created a simple flyer that you can print out and use. It's editable by anyone so feel free to improve it.

4. Tell other online communities

I've tried sharing links to the woodworking proposal on sawmillcreek.org but it was considered spam and was deleted. Maybe there are other communities that are more open to this we can try them. I think the best bet is to reach out to a moderator first and seek permission.


Another great way is to share with your school. Or if you're a member of a homeschool co-op, share with your homeschool co-op.

Make your "signature" on different forums or your email or your texting account have a like to this proposal.

In some towns there are announcement boards. You could pin something up there like "Have you ever wanted your woodworking questions answered? Help get a website like that now!!!" and have the link to this proposal.

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