Proposal: Etiquette

We're 10 months into commitment stage. We've actually done pretty well getting users already on Stack Exchange to commit here, with 83/100 of the needed commitments and 100% commitment score (reflecting the relatively high rep of our current users on existing sites). We still need to get a little bit more on this front, but overall this isn't the big worry.

What's really problematic is that we've only got 99/200 total commitments needed. Only 16 of the current commitments come from users who aren't already active on some other SE site. If we want to make it to beta, in the next 2 months we'll need to double our current number of commitments. I doubt we'll make it at this rate unless we can gather support of the larger community.

Does anyone have any suggestions for places we could promote this proposal? I've looked at various etiquette-themed forums, but so far I have yet to find a place which had enough overlap with us and where promoting this proposal would be welcome. You're welcome to post suggestions here. Alternatively, feel free to promote this yourself elsewhere, but please be polite and follow the rules on whatever sites you're on; the last thing we want is to create a bad impression before we even reach beta (especially given our topic).

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