I'm a newbie of SE, and quite new to web programming. I am trying to create a new SE site where all contents are written in Thai. My initial plan for now is to create a Southeast Asain Language Q&A hub, focusing on Thai, my native language first. My objective is to provide the Q&A platform for Thai people who not native to English. Is that possible to do so? Any comments are all appreciated.

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Good news. There's already StackOverflow in Portugese.

Bad news. Many other proposals in foreign language are stuck for over a year.

See more details in various discussions, like this: Beta launching time

I'd guess, Spanish will be the next. Turkish community is also big. German market is likely to bring a lot of profit. So be patient and realistic. But if you'd find a huge number of commiters, say 500-1000, your odds will be much better.

My suggestion: propose more than 1 site proposal in Thai, to provide more diversity. SE team will make their decision based on expected audience.

The most effective way towards the proposal in Thai language would be to support the Thai Language Proposal, because it's the easiest way to cumulate numerous native Thai speakers on StackExchange network. I can't speak for SE team, but probably the number of active SE users is for them more important, than the number of commiters (because to be a commiter, it's enough to follow a link on FB&co).

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