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In the case of research questions, it seems to me that often, you'd need the opinion of experts in many areas. For example I saw floating out there a question about a flat world. The ideal answer there would probably involve physics, geology, biology, anthropology...

Say you've got an answer that has already been created/edited by a geologist, a biologist and an anthropologist, how do you emphasize on the fact that this question would benefit from the point of view of a physicist?

I often feel this frustration on SO when a question is answered solely with jQuery and I'd want the javascript solution or the pure CSS alternative.

How do you attract the right expert(s)?

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I think that noting the field you need an answer from in the question should do it. I think, however, that you can gain a lot from getting answers from different disciplines and that might change your view/plans for your world in ways you can't anticipate.


The general concept may seem like the easy obvious question but the community will have to be good about making sure that questions are specific to a particular aspect of the more general question.

My best guess is that often times questions will be asked and the community will advise the OP to break the question down into multiple question postings. Links to the related questions could be left in each of the broken down items to maintain continuity.


I think the best way is to use tags, such as "Astronomy", "Biology", "Folklore" and so on. Tags can also be added by moderators later on, they can be updated as topic grows and so on.


I think any question that requires expert input from multiple disciplines is probably too broad. As with most things SE, research questions should be specific and have a possibility of a "best answer".

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