Proposal: Pastafarianism

Staff or moderator assistance requested.

The question Please review this draft message promoting the Pastafarian proposal is intended to be a community approach as part of our outreach for recruiting supporters (Pastafarians who are also StackExchange users).

We have two issues.

  1. Need help to convert it to a community wiki. It seems like only the creator (myself) is currently able to edit it.

  2. It seems to be posting it's self as a related discussion on the similar sites that are listed as examples in the body of the text.

See comments on the question where attempts to over come both of these by ourselves have failed.

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I was able to mark the question community wiki.

Your post appears on those other proposals because you are linking to them. I'm not entirely sure if it is possible to both display the link to the proposal and not have it show up on proposal itself. I tried breaking the live links, but at the moment, that post still appears on those proposals. The system may be a bit too smart for its own good and will continue to include those proposals despite it not being an actual, live link.

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