If you compare the list of badges on Area 51 and the list of badges on Discuss Area 51, you'll see that while the latter is grouped, with different levels of the same badge and related badges together, like on all Stacks, the badges for Area 51 are listed alphabetically. By searching through them, you can find that "Referring Committers" has the levels Promoter (bronze, 5), Campaigner (silver, 25), and Activist (gold, 100), while "Followed Through on Commitments" has the levels Upholder (bronze, 1), Adherent (silver, 5), and Loyalist (gold, 10).

Shouldn't those be grouped together?

  • Area 51 uses a legacy version of the SE engine which is heavily modified. As such, changes don't get implemented automatically (unlike on Discuss Area 51, which basically uses the regular engine). Since it's eventually going to be replaced anyway, SE doesn't make any changes here that would require significant dev time. So while this would be a nice feature, I suspect it's not worth the effort for them.
    – Logan M
    Commented May 12, 2014 at 15:55


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