Proposal: Puzzling

Will actual puzzles be allowed to post on site such as ciphers and the like?

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note: this is not an official policy or anything of the sort; this is just my opinion

It depends.

  • If your puzzle is a programming puzzle or challenge, post it on Programming Puzzles and Code Golf Stack Exchange.
  • If the puzzle could have multiple answers or the puzzle is subjective or opinion-based, do not post it here. This includes riddles, etc. The user shouldn't have to come back and say: "Hmm, that works, but it's not the right answer. That other one is right!"
  • If the puzzle is generic or can be trivially modified, do not post it. For example, "Solve this hangman puzzle: P _ Z Z _ E" is bad because it's unlikely to help future visitors and it's way too narrow, but "What's a good strategy for guessing vowels in specific words in hangman?" (for example) is good.
  • If the puzzle is reasonably unique and could help others in the future, post it here! For example, "How could I move three coins in this triangle to make it point the other direction?" (I just picked an example of a fairly well-known puzzle for this, but there are probably much better examples out there)
  • just wondering if you posted the zodiac killer cryptograms if for people to work on if that would be allowed.
    – user105737
    May 7, 2014 at 14:57

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