Proposal: Korean Language

Looks like this isn't going to make it within the one year allowed for definition - it needs 30 or so more 10-rated questions. What happens to the closed site and the good suggested questions that have been asked already? Are they saved so that the site can be re-suggested easily in the future with these already in place, or do we start again from scratch?

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Closing a Proposal After 1+ Year in Definition or Commitment

If a proposal runs up against this deadline, it will be closed but the content of the proposal actually remains in the site until it is eventually removed as part of the normal maintenance process (typically about a month or two later). The followers can use that time to coordinate further efforts to start the proposal again and save whatever content they wish.

But, no, there is no system in place were we simply save and re-post the same content to a new proposal.

Part of the purpose of Area 51 is to gauge how much involvement there is building this site. But nobody knows for certain why the last proposal did not make it. It may simply have had too few followers finding it; but it can also be that the content itself wasn't terribly intriguing to attract followers in the first place. So we are not all that keen on restarting proposals with the old content. That would defeat much of the purpose in starting over again in the first place.

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