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Proposal: Startup Business

I fear that topics in the Startup Business will have vast differences across regions and as such, Googler's looking for X may have a hard time finding information for X that is actually relevant to the location they need.

How will this board deal with localization or regions?

These questions are to exemplify this thread's question:

  • Would region names need to be included in tags/titles?
  • Will users Searching for answers get help that is relevant?
    • Will users attempt to answers questions with info from the wrong location?
  • Will questions need more moderation than most StackExchange sites?

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It's just like a StackOveflow, where only a very limited amount of 'generic' questions need not be tagged with language/technology, I expect some number of 'open-ended' and 'general' questions about business that will not be localized.

However, the majority of the questions will be localized, and therefore the tag system must be organized to fit legal systems. For example, [eu] tag for questions about businesses operating under EU law (so-called EU-companies, and 'local' companies selling/buying from foreign EU partners), and country tags like [germany] for inland business. Tags for free trade agreements for business aspects that will fall within that category.

The tags will probably mostly fit that on Travel, but with modifications, that the tagging will be law-based, not geography-based.

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    Maybe not only law-based, but culture-wise as well. Commented Jun 4, 2014 at 20:23

I think this site needs to be more on Models, Marketing, Sales, Financial Models etc. It is about growing your startup and not asking questions that should be answered by a lawyer or accountant. Hence things that are common in all startups.

I know there will most likely be some localized questions but I would actually push for it to not be localized at all.

I can see huge challenges with having a Q&A site with heavily localized content, I doubt there would be enough users to sustain it in the beginning. How would someone from Australia know what tax or legal agreements are in place in Ireland for example.

If people build a good business model, then they can afford an accountant and lawyer who should really be the ones answering localized questions.

Culture based differences in selling etc, could have a place and this may need the additional regional based tagging.

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