SE currently has SuperUser for power users and enthusiasts and also ServerFault for SysAdmins. ServerFault operates much like an elitist club where as SuperUser is not advanced enough. There seems to me to be a need for a Q&A site which sits in the middle. This middle board would be targeted towards Systems Administrators early in their careers or experienced Systems Administrators who operate in smaller environments.

The goal of the new site would be to bridge the gap and provide a more welcoming and tolerant environment. It would also be more advanced than SuperUser. Could such a Q&A site survive? Or would it be eclipsed by the two extremes (SF and SU)? Or even, is such a middle area allowed?

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Your understanding of Super User versus Server Fault is incorrect. The scope of those two sites have nothing to do with the level of difficulty. Server Fault is for enterprise-level systems and network administrators while Super User is for home desktop-level questions. The two audiences are very different with different interests.

We don't need a separate site for "early careers in IT" or "advanced desktop users." Such questions are perfectly in scope within the two sites.

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  • I believe you have misunderstood my question. – Colyn1337 Apr 29 '14 at 15:40

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