During the past week or so, I've gained 15 reputation on Area 51 (5 today, April 24th and 10 on April 20th). However, the top-bar reputation button does not show this gain (like it did, e.g., show the reputation I gained on StackOverflow).

Developers, please advise if there's any other information I should provide.

According to the answer on this thread, seems my description of the bug report was not clear enough, so I'll attempt to clarify. The issue isn't that the reputation is not calculated correctly, it is that these gains are not reported in the topbar.

E.g.: enter image description here

In this screenshot, the "Yesterday" section contains reputation gains in SO and MSE. It doesn't, however, show the +10 reputation I gained on A51.

  • My reputation gain wasn't counting on area51, I had to go into my chrome settings and clear out all the stack{exchange,overflow} cookies and local storage.
    – brysgo
    Commented May 24, 2014 at 22:45

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No, it doesn't. Area 51 was forked off the main Stack Exchange code long ago, so it contains a lot of legacy code that doesn't always get updated with some of the newer features that get added to the rest of the network.

The top-bar 'achievements' is a new feature, and it does not include activity from Area 51.

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