Proposal: Puzzling

Should languages related to programming and writing code be on-topic?

I would imagine questions employing pseudocode are okay, as this is a "Proposed Q&A site for those who study the creation and solving of puzzles." Therefore, it would only be natural to describe code you could write to, say, create or solve a Sudoku puzzle, in pseudocode. You could also use pseudocode to describe some sort of algorithm, or puzzle creation/solving technique.

However, would questions related to specific code that the asker needs help with be on-topic? For example, if a question requires an answerer to know the programming language used in the question, is it on-topic? How far should this rule go?

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There are three areas of programming as they relate to puzzles. One is where you competitively write programs to solve puzzles, which already exists at Programming Puzzles and Code Golf. Another area is where you write a program that can solve a puzzle because a computer will do it faster that a human, or because you want to check your work. A third example is when you write a program that challenges people, by "hosting" a puzzle that would be difficult to do in real life (like solitaire), or creating/generating puzzles.

I believe the last two should be considered on-topic here, unless the question related to general programming, in which case one would go to Stack Overflow.

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