Proposal: Embedded Systems


I have a feeling that EP&D is not far from launching the beta. After the launch, we will be looking for the initial crew of moderators.

I would like to nominate @Madmanguruman for moderator. He is a capable member on EE.SE. He ran in the recent moderator election on EE.SE. Existing the EE.SE mods have endorsed him. (He came as a very close 3rd. 5 guys ran in that election. We had only 2 mod positions.)

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    This site is to discuss the creation of proposals and how to help them become sites. Administrative issues (such as the appointment of moderators) are best left to the community who is actually going to build this site once it is created. As such, I am going to close this as off topic for this site. Apr 22, 2014 at 1:24

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This isn't really the best forum for that discussion - as this is kind of hidden away from where most of the users of the Embedded Systems site will look.

How things work (or at least used to work when Movies & TV launched, the site I help moderate), is that the Stack Exchange staff act as moderators during the first few days of a site. While they are handling things, there is an opportunity to discuss and nominate pro-tem moderators on the meta of the new site, for example:


This is a great opportunity to see what people are active in the new site before nominating them, and a chance for them to say something about themselves and whether they are even interested in the role.

Finally SE contact some of the nominated people to see who might be interested in being appointed. I don't know specifically what criteria they use, but on M&TV it included someone who was already a moderator on Literature.SE - so perhaps they like one person with experience if possible.

Its great that you know someone, go ahead and suggest it on the meta of the site when it launches.

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